Nong Ri Biogas Power Plant

          From the commitment to expand our energy business, IEC has continuously researched both domestic and international to find the most effective technologies for generating electricity from biogas. IEC truly found opportunities in conducting biogas power plant business. In June 2016, IEC purchased 500,000 shares of Nongri Biogas Power Plant Co.,Ltd. at 100 baht per share. The power plant business will take place in Nongri, Bo Ploy, Kanchanaburi province on the area of 28 hectares. This project will begin the construction in June 2016 and start commercial operation within 2017. The power plant will use 400 cubic meters of vinasses from ethanol plant daily as feedstock to generate electricity at 3 MW. through a biogas process. The process will start from transporting vinasses to the process of generating electricity and send to the connected PEA power grids.