Performance evaluation of the Board of Directors.

According to the principles of good corporate governance, it is determined that the Board of Directors or a sub-committee must proceed a performance evaluation at least once a year. The evaluation is composed of overall performance and performance of each director. The purpose is to improve the working process for a more efficient performance. The company gave the importance to self-evaluation of board of directors, orientation of new directors and encourage the directors to attend the training provided by Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD) and related authorities from time to time.

The purpose of evaluation of the Board of Directors and a sub-committee is to have a transparent and fair performance for a good corporate governance to promote the company growth and progress sustainably.

The process of evaluation of the Board of Directors

In evaluation process, the company uses a self-evaluation of Board of Directors and Subcommittee in the year 2016 according to operation direction of stock exchange market. In each topic, there was a sub-topic questions. The scores obtained was calculated for an average score of Board of Directors, Sub-committee, and each director. The scores range from 0 (Strongly disagree) to 4 (Strongly agree)

For more information, please refer to Form 56-1 Year 2018 : On Menu Investor Relations.