Kamphaengphet Biogas Power plant

          Renewable energy is increasingly important in the present day. Fossil energy resources are limited and expected to disappear in the short future. From this notion, Thaworn Energy (2013) Co.,ltd. (TE) has emerged on 22nd November 2015 to start producing biogas using agricultural crops as feedstock in the manufacture and decomposing microorganisms in a perfect bio process. The process will change the microbial foods that are ready for further degradation in the production of biogas. This will lessen the degradation process for producing biogas and help to control gas production. The two gas lagoons of TE can produce biogas up to 60,000 cubic meters per day which is enough to generate power production at 6 MW and sell to PEA. This plant will also be added genetic engineering and gas purification technology for efficient gas production.