Line Conditioner System

According to the supporting alternative energy policy of the government, many entrepreneurs are interested the renewable energy power plants resulting in investing this kind of business, especially solar energy. Presently, there are solar power plants all over Thailand generate and distribute electricity to the public sector with production capacity at 500 MW. However, the solar power plants need the sunlight to produce electrical currents, so the quantity of electrical production depends on natural elements such as cloud, temperature or other sky obscurations.

IEC collaborates with agencies and several institutes to study and develop P-MAX which helps increasing the electrical generation capacity. P-Max was attached with solar panels to improve the electrical operation, reaching 30%, when the sky was cloudy. This depends on the obscurations. It was designed to apply with two types of solar cells: Thin Film and Crystal Line. About The installation to panels, it can be connect by series and parallel circuits. Moreover, P-Max is able to send the information to show the performance of solar cells to the central data via wireless system. P-Max will inform the level of voltages and currents from the panels in order to examine and adjust the ability of solar panels to work efficiently.

Researching and Marketing

P-Max was studied and developed by groups of researchers from several institutes. Each part of the study can be divided as follow:

  • The electrical power of solar cells improvement was studied and developed by a group of researchers from department of electrical engineering, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang.
  • The export wireless data in software part was studied and developed by a group of department of electrical engineering, Chulalongkorn University.
  • The export wireless data in hardware part was studied and developed by a group of department of electronics engineering and department of computer engineering, Mahanakorn University of Technology.

As for today, the study is complete and the equipment is in the process of production. We are determining for the marketing target in order to distribute and install P-Max to customer groups of solar power plants.

Project Cost

  • Worth an amount of THB 100 million

Status :