Municipality Solid Waste-to-Energy Power Plant

GiDEC Co., Ltd

IEC has a 50/50 JV with majority state-owned enterprise EGCO (Electric Generating Public Company Limited) in operating a 6.5MW Municipal Solid Waste-to-Energy power plant in Hatyai, Songkhla province. The power plant is the first of its kind in Thailand using proven pyrolysis combustion technology developed in Finland. There are more than 30 large solid waste landfills in Thailand which avail themselves to IEC to operate similar small scale Solid Waste-to-Energy power plants.

Location:                     Hatyai, Songkhla
Share:                          50%:50% with Electricity Generating PCL (EGCO)
PPA:                             6.5 MW
Waste Quantities:      300 TPD
Status:                          COD on December 2014