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2018-08-15 Regarding former executive filing plaint against Company’s subsidiary due to the subsidiary filing lawsuit against said former executive. More..
2018-08-15 Delay in Quarter 2, 2018 Financial Statements Submission More..
2018-08-15 Borrowings from related individual (Revise) More..
2018-08-09 Company’s progress on the registrations, the registration of Directors (revised) More..
2018-08-08 Company's progress on the registrations More..
2018-08-06 Results of the appeal on the registration process More..
2018-07-20 Report on the results of the Exercise of IEC-W2 ( F53-5) ​ More..
2018-06-18 Board of Director's Meeting to address the problems and preserve shareholder's benefits More..
2018-06-18 Notification regarding a group of shareholder exercising the rights to request the Company to convene a shareholder's meeting as per Section 100 of the Public Company Limited Act B.E.2535 More..
2018-06-04 Exercise schedule and price for the warrants to purchase ordinary shares of the International Engineering Public Company Limited No. 2 (IEC-W2) 9 round of exercise (๋ June 2018 ) More..
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Stock Information
Market SET Foreign Limit 49.00000 %
Industry Resources ISIN Number  
Sector Energy & Utilities Local TH0286A10Z08
First Trade Date 05 Feb 1992 Foreign TH0286A10Z16
Capital Detail   NVDR TH0286010R13
Par Value 0.01 Baht
Common Stock 203,451,239,651 Par
Authorized Capital 2,440,745,055 Baht
Paid-up Capital 2,035,915,023.50 Baht
Preferred Stock  
Authorized Capital -
Paid-up Capital -