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2018-10-03 Report on the results of sales of securities (F53-5) More..
2018-09-21 Notification of Right to Subscribe New Ordinary Shares Now Available on Website More..
2018-09-21 Directors resign and appointment of Director in replacement More..
2018-09-14 Allotment and offering of new ordinary shares to existing shareholders (RO) More..
2018-09-10 Exercise schedule and price for the warrants to purchase ordinary shares of The International Engineering Public Company Limited No. 2 (IEC-W2) 10 round of exercise (September 2018) More..
2018-08-31 Reviewed Quarter 2 and Consolidated F/S (F45-3) More..
2018-08-31 Reports on the operating results of the Second Quarter 2016 More..
2018-08-28 Regarding the fire incident near GIDEC’s waste separation area More..
2018-08-21 Form to Report on Names of Members and Scope of Work of the Audit Committee (F 24-1) More..
2018-08-17 Resignation of Audit Committee Member More..
2018-08-15 Regarding former executive filing plaint against Company’s subsidiary due to the subsidiary filing lawsuit against said former executive. More..
2018-08-15 Delay in Quarter 2, 2018 Financial Statements Submission More..
2018-08-15 Borrowings from related individual (Revise) More..
2018-08-09 Company’s progress on the registrations, the registration of Directors (revised) More..
2018-08-08 Company's progress on the registrations More..
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