SET Annoucement  
2019-03-06 Exercise schedule and price for the warrants to purchase ordinary shares of The International Engineering Public Company Limited No. 2 (IEC-W2) 12 round of exercise (March 2019) More..
2019-02-14 Agenda for the 2019 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders More..
2019-01-30 Report of the utilization of Capital Increase Fund More..
2019-01-08 Report on the results of sales of securities (F53-5) More..
2018-12-18 Reports on the operating results for Quarter 3/2016 More..
2018-12-18 Reviewed Quarter 3 and Consolidated F/S (F45-3) More..
2018-12-14 Appointment of CFO More..
2018-11-29 Shareholder Participation in Proposing Agenda of Meeting and Nominating Candidate(s) for Director in the 2019 AGM More..
2018-11-13 Announcement of the company’s Public Holidays for the year 2019 More..
2018-10-30 Resignation and appointment of Chief Executive Officer More..
2018-10-29 Results of the supreme court's judgment on the lawsuit regarding purchase transaction at subsidiary's ethanol plant at Rayong province More..
2018-10-23 Report on the results of sale of common shares offered to existing common shareholder (F53-5) More..
2018-10-03 Report on the results of sales of securities (F53-5) More..
2018-09-21 Notification of Right to Subscribe New Ordinary Shares Now Available on Website More..
2018-09-21 Directors resign and appointment of Director in replacement More..
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