SET Annoucement  
2016-05-16 Restructure of Subcommittee (Amendment) More..
2016-05-16 Form to Report on Names of Members and Scope of Work of the Audit Committee (F24-1) More..
2016-05-16 Reviewed Quarter 1 and Consolidated FS (F45-3) More..
2016-05-16 Management Discussion and Analysis Quarter 1 Ending 31-Mar-2016 More..
2016-05-09 Announcement cancel of company's additional holiday More..
2016-05-09 Minutes of AGM 2016 in Company's Website More..
2016-05-04 Announcement of company's additional holiday More..
2016-04-29 Registrations of capital decrease and increase with MOC More..
2016-04-27 Investment Budget for Nong Ri Biogas Power Plant Project, Bor Ploy District, Kanchanaburi Province More..
2016-04-26 AGM 2016 Resolutions (Amendment) More..
2016-04-25 AGM 2016 Resolutions More..
2016-04-22 GIDEC Solid Waste (MSW) Power Plant's Machine Improvement Project Investment Budget More..
2016-04-11 Investment Budget for Power Plant Facility Improvement due to Biomass-RDF Mixed Fuel Input More..
2016-04-07 Issuance and offering for sale of Short-Term Bills of Exchange More..
2016-03-30 Notice of Invitation to the Annual General Meeting 2016 Available on Corporate Website More..
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