SET Annoucement  
2017-08-01 Listed company not met SET financial disclosure as July 31, 2017 More..
2017-07-31 Director Resignation More..
2017-07-21 Operation of Sakaeo 1 Bio-mass power plant More..
2017-07-13 Report on spending of capital increase funds as at 30 June 2017 More..
2017-07-13 Report on the results of the sale of securities (F53-5) More..
2017-07-04 Change in IEC's director, executive and appointment of a company's advisor More..
2017-07-03 Listed company not met SET financial disclosure as June 30, 2017 More..
2017-06-09 Additional Annual Holiday of the Company for the Year 2017 More..
2017-06-07 Minutes of AGM 2017 (Rescheduled) in Company's Website More..
2017-06-01 Exercise schedule and price for the warrants to purchase ordinary shares of the International Engineering Public Company Limited No. 2 (IEC-W2) 5 round of exercise (June 2017) More..
2017-06-01 Listed company not met SET financial disclosure as May 31, 2017 More..
2017-05-23 AGM 2017 (Re-scheduled) Resolutions More..
2017-05-19 SET announces additional causes for possible delisting of CHUO IEC LVT and TUCC More..
2017-05-17 Notification of the Company waive of rights to purchase capital-increasing Nong Ree Power Plant's ordinary shares More..
2017-05-17 Resignation of Directors, Appointment of Directors in Replacement and Appointment of Chairman More..
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