Notice of Invitation to the AGM 2017

  Notice of Invitation  
1 Notice of Invitation to the AGM 2017 More
2 Copy of the Minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. More
3 Biographical Information of the 3 Directors Retired by Rotation and Being Nominated to Hold Office for One More Term. More
4 Biographical Information of 1 Persons to be Nominated as Directors. More
5 Name List of Independent Directors Suggested by the Company to be the Absent Shareholders’ Proxies. More
6 The Company’s Articles of Association Regarding the Shareholders’ Meeting. More
7 Proxy Forms (Type A.) More
8 Proxy Forms (Type B.) More
9 Proxy Forms (Type C.) More
10 Documents, or Proof of Shareholders or Proxy Having the Right to Attend the Meeting. More
11 Procedures for Participation and procedures for casting vote. More
12 Map of Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (the Meeting Venue) More
13 Registration Form (One-Page Document with a Barcode Attached to It, and Included in this Same Envelope)